A little bit about myself

I’m a Zimbabwean expat living and working in South Africa. At my core, I’m a student of human ingenuity. It’s a fascination sparked as a kid by a love of ancient history and creating things, and kindled by a life-long interest in culture and anthropology. One of the greatest gifts of being human is the forty-thousand years of people before us figuring stuff out. In the information age all this knowledge may seem ubiquitous, but it needs champions to share our human narrative. My skills are mainly self-taught, but the drive to learn has been ignited by the amazing creators, authors, and educators who’ve inspired me.

We can all teach: the key is to love learning and to find ways to share our ideas and passions with others.


…or something like this:

When I’m not writing code or doing some tech stuff, I might be found cooking up random curries, playing overly-complex board games, playing with my 2 young boys, cultivating a tiny cactus garden and travelling to various countries.